A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Darkness is coming. Suit up with the deadliest weapons and fight terrible monsters. 

Defend who you love. It's you duty. 



For Teddy Monstrous Mayhem is a top down shooter game made by the students of our Masterclass in Virtual Reality and Concept Art at BigRock School, Italy. This has been the final project of our Virtual Reality and Concept Art Masters. The purpose of the project was to have our students work under the pressure and deadlines of an actual work environment, and have them create a game from scratch in just six weeks. Before this project our students were trained in the fundamental skills to become game designers and concept artists in just 4 months. A truly intense and information packed training that they passed with flying colors!



ForTeddy Monstrous Mayhem - Win 146 MB
ForTeddy Monstrous Mayhem - Mac 149 MB