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La tragica morte della famiglia Blackwood è ancora un mistero irrisolto. Abigail torna nella sua vecchia dimora per ricomporre i tasselli, guidata dai contorti enigmi lasciati dallo Zio.

11 Years Ago è un’avventura grafica in prima persona realizzata con Unreal Engine 5, Ed è il progetto finale del team Red 32 di BigRock School. 


The Blackwoods' tragic death is still an unsolved mystery. Abigail returns to her old house to find the missing links, guided by the twisted puzzles left behind by her Uncle. 

11 Years Ago is a puzzle-solving single player adventure game made with Unreal Engine 5 and it is the final project of the Red 32 team of BigRock School.

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Tags3D, First-Person, Mystery, Narrative, Photorealistic, red32, unreal, unrealengine


11 Years Ago - Sub ENG 4 GB
Version 1 Mar 09, 2022
11 Years Ago - Sub ITA 4 GB
Version 1 Mar 09, 2022

Install instructions

Download and unzip the folder, then start 11YearsAgo.exe


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Really Great Puzzle Game, it took me a while to complete it and ended up chucking my first recording because of how confused I got. In simple terms I found the lightbulb early on, forgot about it and then mixed together trying to work out the constellation and word puzzle.

Once I realised my mistake, the game was fairly straightforward, the puzzles still offered a bit of a challenge, but it really helps that everything is localised in the office. I won’t go into detail on my errors so that people can enjoy the game.

Really good game, and I look forward to playing anything else you make.

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We're glad you enjoyed the puzzles! Your words were much appreciated and inspirational for us, thank you for playing and recording! :)


This game should come to playstations. Would be a great upgrade for you all.


Great game with nice puzzles!!Enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for playing and recording!


Our swan song <3


Proud of our creature! Best Team <3