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Really Great Puzzle Game, it took me a while to complete it and ended up chucking my first recording because of how confused I got. In simple terms I found the lightbulb early on, forgot about it and then mixed together trying to work out the constellation and word puzzle.

Once I realised my mistake, the game was fairly straightforward, the puzzles still offered a bit of a challenge, but it really helps that everything is localised in the office. I won’t go into detail on my errors so that people can enjoy the game.

Really good game, and I look forward to playing anything else you make.

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We're glad you enjoyed the puzzles! Your words were much appreciated and inspirational for us, thank you for playing and recording! :)


This game should come to playstations. Would be a great upgrade for you all.


Great game with nice puzzles!!Enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for playing and recording!


Our swan song <3


Proud of our creature! Best Team <3