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Molteplici boy-scout vengono spinti all’interno di una casa abbandonata per superare delle prove di coraggio. Quello che però non sanno è che Ethel, la ragazzina che organizza le sfide, nasconde un mostruoso segreto all’interno della casa…

Gioca nei panni di uno degli sfortunati boy-scout: raccogli chiavi, attraversa le stanze senza far rumore, nasconditi nell’oscurità, e scappa dal demone che risiede nella casa maledetta. 


Multiple boy-scouts get pushed inside an abandoned house to pass courage challenges. What they don't know though is that Ethel, the girl that organizes the challenges, hides a monstrous secret inside the house...

Play in the role of one of the unlucky boy-scouts: collect keys, wander through the rooms without making sound, hide in the darkness and run away from the demon that resides in the cursed house.


Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Tags3D, action-game, bigrockschool, First-Person, master33, Stealth, Survival Horror, Unity


peekaboo-windows.zip 3 GB
Version 1 Mar 22, 2022

Install instructions

Download and unzip the folder, then start PeekaBoo.exe


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Hey again, I wanted to email you guys with some constructive feedback for your game Peekaboo, I could not find it here and I was not sure if it is the same one you are using on your YouTube channel.

I had the idea of making at least one gameplay walkthrough video for your game on my channel and would love if you guys could omptimze the game a little bit:

- The game has motion blur and that make me feel sick and dizzy, would love it if there was an option to turn it off.

- The game does not have a pause button where you cant check the interactions buttons or controls, I was confused what to press to do anything so I had to just test all the buttons on the keyboard and see what each does.

- I do have an AMD Ryzen 5 with intergrated Vega 11 RX GPU, and I felt for a good video on YouTube it would be awesome if I could lower the graphics just a little bit to win some frame rates for performance.

- The map is small to read some notes on it although it looks very pretty, would be even better to have a zooming option for the map for a closer clear look.

The game is already so good, I did not go too far into the game as I wanted to showcase it on recording with my first impressions and be surprsied better, would love to thank you all of you by having a run on your game. I love it.


Congratulations for making it on the very top! I am reviewing hundreds of games every single day for this idea project in order to help developers with their games! Keep it up sir!