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Un giovane ragazzo, abitante di un mondo distopico, sta esplorando delle rovine con il suo animale domestico. D'un tratto, il protagonista lancia un bastone che causa l'apertura di un portale. La creatura si affretta a recuperarlo, lanciandosi nel portale. Il ragazzo, temendo di perderlo, corre dietro al suo animale, entrando anche lui nel portale. Il protagonista si ritrova catapultato all'interno di una caverna magica e fantastica, che dovrà esplorare finchè alla fine troverà un gigantesco golem da sconfiggere per recuperare il suo amico perduto.


A young boy, living in a dystopic world, is exploring ruins with his pet. Suddenjy, the protagonist throws a stick that causes the opening of a portal. The creature rushes to get it back, launching himself into the portal. The boy, being afraid of losing him, runs after his pet, entering the portal  himself. The protagonist finds himself inside a magic and fantastic cave, that he will have to explore until he will find a giant golem to fight to get his friend back.

Install instructions

Download and unzip the folder, then start Unearthed.exe


unearthed-windows.zip 5 GB
Version 1 91 days ago


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Hello everyone at BigRockSchool, I am a small YouTuber and a Game Tester! Wanted to share this gameplay walkthrough for your game! I know this is more of a school project and probably won't be developed into a full game to be released, I am sharing this review video anyways with some feedbacks inside.

- There is the bridge in the game where you can not cross it unless you do it from the middle where the cutscene of falling down will start. I did notice however that you are able to walk from the sides!

- It is a bit hard to know how to actually deal with the Big Rocky Monster as it does not show clearly where to hit him or what you are supposed to do (Some hints would be nice, maybe for your upcoming next games).

Keep in mind that I have tested this on NVIDIA GTX 1060 with Ryzen 5 CPU & 16 GB of RAM!


Hello Zakaria and thank you for your honest review and feedback! As you correctly supposed, this was a school project for a very small team and supposed to be completed in three/four weeks.
By the way thank you for having played our game and for your precious feedbacks. It will be really helpful for our students in the next project!

You are welcome! It does look like a great school for what I have seen on your Instagram! I have been following you ever since Peekaboo game was made on BigRockSchool, I think the students are not always the same as a group go and another comes! This is what I have been told by one of the people who work with you. 

I love the work you do on your school, keep it up and best of luck in the next projects.